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Our catering and food service

We strive to create an experience that is responsive to our guests’ needs by serving a wide array of Glatt kosher delicious foods prepared by top chefs.

A Different Pesach Program provides a gala Kiddush each day on Yom Tov and Shabbos. All Yom Tov meals and Seder items will be delivered directly to your villa, wrapped and ready to be warmed in your own kosher for pesach oven. You will be provided with paper goods for all of your meals. Shabbos lunch is a buffet style communal meal. We also have a kid’s buffet before candle lighting each night of yom tov so that the kids don’t have to stay up late for dinner to be served.

Daily breakfast, as well as Lunch-to-go on Chol Hamoed, are available each day at our pick up stations. For those staying on the premises on Chol Hamoed, a luncheon buffet is available. Each night of Chol Hamoed there is a communal BBQ for our guests to enjoy.

Each meal has multiple entrees, appetizers, and side dishes for our guests to choose from. While we don’t have a specific menu for vegetarians, vegans, or other specific dietary needs, each meal contains options which they can enjoy. We recommend anyone with specific dietary needs speak to our on site chefs to determine which choices they can have.

We will also supply additional snacks, drinks, and other basic food items that will be delivered to your villa or are available for pickup.

Our program food is glatt kosher, cholov yisroel, non-kitnyot, and non-gebrochts (except for a couple of items which are clearly marked gebrochts).

On-site Mashgichim

International Kosher Mehadrin

Our program is under the supervision of Rabbi Berel Simpser of International Kosher – Mehadrin.

Rabbi Berel Simpser is a musmach of Yeshiva V’Kollel Ramach (Rabbi Zweig’s Yeshiva in Miami). He also studied at Yeshivas Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon (Y.U.) and Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore.  In 1999, he founded the Community Kollel of Des Moines, established Aish MN in 2006, and currently lives in Florida where he is the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Aventura.
Over the last 25 years, Rabbi Berel Simpser has worked extensively in the Kashrus Field.
In the 1990’s he was the O.U.’s Kashrus representative for the entire State of Florida, as well as the Kashrus Administrator of the O.R.B in South Florida.  He later became a field representative for the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council)  and the Star –K.
He is one of the most experienced Rav Hamachshirim in the areas of hotel Kashrus and kosher cruising, having supervised close to 20 Pesach programs, over 25 cruises, as well supervising large venues (5000+ attendees) such as the North American Federation’s General Assembly 5 day convention.
He has been training mashgichim for over 20 years in all facets of Kashrus. He founded INTERNATIONAL KOSHER – MEHADRIN in 2008.

contact info:   952-843-3033

Our Catering Team

Our On-site Food & Beverage Management Team

Pesach Rotenberg

Kenny Jerome

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