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You and your family stay in a villa in one of our gated communities. We provide the eruv, daily minyanim, shiurim, entertainment, day care, and food.  You have access to all on site amenities in the community in addition to all services we provide.

Breakfast is available for pickup daily. We provide regular staples items and eggs (and even a frying pan) so you can make breakfast in your villa.

Yom tov and Shabbos meals are delivered to your villa to be heated up in your kashered ovens and eaten family style. Shabbos lunch is a grand buffet (so you don’t have to heat anything up on Shabbos).

During chol hamoed, you can pick up lunch to-go at the same time as breakfast pickup, or you can enjoy the on site lunch buffet. Dinner during chol hamoed is a communal BBQ.

We will be providing you with tea lights, as well as yahretzeit candles before Yom Tov. You light candles in your villa. Please make sure to put aluminum foil under the candles- DO NOT put candles directly on the counter or oven surface as they will burn through and you will responsible for any damage caused. Please do not place candles under a cabinet or area where smoke or soot damage may occur.

Publix, Winn-Dixie, and SuperTarget are all located on Highway 192 just 2 miles away from our resorts. There is a small sundry shop at each resort as well.

We provide soda (regular and diet) and drinks. If you would like more than we provide, you can get kosher for Pesach soda at the Publix. We do not provide bottled water.

We provide limited fresh fruit and limited fresh vegetables. We usually provide a salad or salad bar on most days of Pesach. If however you are big salad or fresh fruit eaters we recommend that you visit one of the local supermarkets. We do provide snacks, chips, cakes and candies. Big noshers are encouraged to bring their own favorite snacks.

We provide paper goods for each Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed meal.

If you are missing something please ask a member of our staff to assist you.

A schedule will be provided for all events.

Check in begins 4:00 pm. We are currently updating the registration and check in portal and it will be available shortly.

Davening will take place in a tent. We will be setting up chairs and a mechitza . There will be at least two minyanim for Shacharit daily.

We supply each villa with a new frying pan, spatula, urn and crock pot . All food items are delivered in aluminum tins or other oven safe packages. You may want to consider packing or purchasing a plastic cutting board, a sharp knife, a mixing bowl, aluminum foil, etc.

Unfortunately, We cannot take responsibility for any shipped items before Yom Tov.